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Governments are paying a bizarre Satanist to make microchip implants

11-Nov-2019, Biohackinfo News.

Internet-of-Things pioneer Simon Sallienjavi wants to institute 'Centralized Microchipping.'

Former Danish Army special forces Simon Sallienjavi, an Internet-of-Things pioneer who is now the Chief Technical Officer at BiChip, the Danish tech company that claims to have made the world’s first internet connectable and distance readable human microchip implant, once made this bizarre statement: “I am the Beast and the end of the Bible, and I promise I will destroy the planet. I am going to get a group of terrible people to run this world, so get ready for my New World Order."

BiChip recently announced that it would be selling its supposedly revolutionary microchip implants to governments only. When we asked Sallienjavi about this, he said that private companies should be prohibited from selling human microchip implants, as he believes in what he calls Centralized Microchipping; which means the government having exclusive monopoly and control over human microchipping. BiChip has already made $10 million from pre-sales of its implants, and has secured contracts with the governments of the US, Denmark, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates.

The last time we spoke with Sallienjavi, who publicly claims to be a Christian but is actually a theistic Satanist, he abruptly cut off all communication after bizarrely retorting, “I would love for Jesus to come back so I can kill him again!"

This bizarre retort by Sallienjavi was after we pointed out to him how in addition to his satanism, his bizarre statement about establishing a New World Order, and his so-called Centralized Microchipping, would only fuel the fires of the popular conspiracy theory about microchip implants being the so-called ‘Mark of the Beast’ mentioned the Bible. The Mark of the Beast is mentioned in the last book of the Bible called the Book of Revelations. According to Revelations, an anti-Christ figure demands that everyone gets a mark on their hand or their forehead. Anyone without this mark is not allowed to purchase or sell anything.

An increasing number of Christians believe that the “mark" on the hand is a microchip implant, while the “mark" on the forehead is a form of Brain-Computer Interface like Elon Musk’s Neuralink. This belief is so strong that politicians and lawmakers, particularly in the United Sates, have passed laws against various forms of human microchipping. Earlier this year, the State of Nevada almost quietly passed a bill banning all forms of human microchipping, and DIY-biohackers who would have ended up as criminals if the bill had passed, intervened and educated the Nevada State Senate not just on what microchip implants actually are, but on the Body Autonomy rights the bill would have violated.

Attempts to communicate with Sallienjavi and BiChip after his peculiar declaration have only resulted in us receiving death threats from BiChip employees, particularly an individual named Jash, who is the Head Developer of BiChipCoin, the cryptocurrency token that will be integrated with BiChip’s microchip implants. These death threats came after Jash had attempted to bribe us with large sums of money and cryptocurrency so as not to publish any of the information about Sallienjavi and BiChip that we had.

We take the death threats from BiChip very seriously, but we are not particularly surprised, given what we now know about BiChip as a company, and Sallienjavi as the head of a satanic cult deeply embedded within BiChip.

32 year old Simon Sallienjavi is originally from Israel and was born in Jerusalem, but grew up in Denmark where he converted from Judaism to Christianity. Oddly enough, his conversion to Christianity fostered a fascination with the occult and satanism. This fascination has led him to starting an ever growing satanic cult, opening a school of sorcery*, and even writing a document on how to sell your soul to the Devil:

“If by any chance you find yourself in a precarious situation and need an escape that doesn’t involve suicide, or if you are really bored and think that God is too much of a hypocrite for heaven to be enjoyable, then here is a simple how-to guide on selling your immortal essence to the Dark Lord," unironically wrote Sallienjavi in his 2016 soul selling guide, that has since been plagiarized by an Odyssey Online writer.

But things get even more weird, bizarre, and borderline insane when it comes to Sallienjavi’s company BiChip. The reason Sallienjavi started BiChip with two other associates named Finn Rosenkranz Pedersen and Flemming Bach, is because he actually believes that he is the anti-Christ figure or the Beast foretold in the Bible, and he wants to use microchip implants made by BiChip, as his literal ‘Mark of the Beast’ mentioned in the Book of Revelations.

To achieve this bizarre vision, Sallienjavi has been establishing world wide connections with tech leaders, transhumanists and satanists. According to information and documents provided to us by a BiChip employee who is also a member of Sallienjavi’s satanic cult, BiChip has over the years made huge donations to both the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple.

“Both of you have again donated huge amount (sic) of money to our church this year. I would like to thank you for choosing our nonprofit organization as the recipient of your hard earned money. We need you to reach out into your network of transhumanists and pull others into the donation circle," the Satanic Temple wrote back with appreciation to Pedersen and Bach of BiChip back in 2016.

It is odd that both the Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan have welcomed Sallienjavi’s overtures. Both institutions profess non-theistic and atheistic satanism, and as such they tend to vehemently differentiate themselves from theistic or traditional satanists like Sallienjavi who are also referred to as Devil Worshipers. Non-theistic satanists claim that theistic satanism is no different to Christianity as both faiths believe in fairy tales.

Despite the aforementioned philosophical semantic claims by the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple so as to distinguish themselves from theistic satanists like Sallienjavi, both institutions have been eager to work with Sallienjavi. Peter H. Gilmore, the high priest of the Church of Satan, has even accepted to be the “surprise" special guest speaker at BiChip’s November 26 event - where other 50 members of his church will also be in attendance.

As for the leadership of the Satanic Temple, which claims to be a more more progressive and non-authoritarian offshoot of the Church of Satan, the documents provided to us show that while Sallienjavi views his dalliance with the Church of Satan as a partnership, he has little regard for the Satanic Temple. But surprisingly enough, the Temple has willingly accepted the role of servant to BiChip, as long as the donations keep coming.

In an email sent last month on October 16, Lucien Greaves the founder of the Satanic Temple wrote to Sallienjavi, anxiously asking if Sallienjavi was still interested in Temple members attending the November 26 event:

“Please let us know if you are still interested in our attendance and how we might help you popularize the event," Greaves pleads with Sallienjavi.

This desperate plea by Greaves the self-professed progressive, is despite the fact that in his communications with Sallienjavi, Sallienjavi had made crazy statements to the tune of “privacy is dead" or privacy should be done away with. The notion that privacy is archaic and should be done away with, is not uncommon within some strains of transhumanism. 2016 transhumanist presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan, who wants refugees microchipped before they are allowed into the US, has openly expressed this opinion.

Our informant inside BiChip tells us that Sallienjavi’s plan is for his satanic cult to eventually absorb both the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple. An ambitious plan that may seem impossible, even with Sallienjavi buying them out, until one looks at how fast he has been growing his cult.

Sallienjavi served in Denmark's special forces as part of NATO's mission in Afghanistan.

Sallienjavi, who served in Afghanistan with Denmark’s elite Jaeger Corps, has modeled his ever-growing satanic cult like a military unit. All managerial positions at BiChip are occupied by members of the cult, and alongside the official professional hierarchy that is only there to give the impression of corporate professionalism, there is a strict shadow hierarchy where everyone, including the CEO and all BiChip board members address Sallienjavi as “Boss" - with Sallienjavi and others in managerial positions communicating in military language and code.

To recruit people into his satanic cult, Sallienjavi was initially extremely brazen, and would recruit from churches all around Denmark. That is until several churches banned him from their premises. At one Christian mission in Copenhagen called Bethesda where Sallienjavi had volunteered to teach English, he managed to convert 30 people to satanism.

Due to the church bans and rapidly acquiring a negative reputation among Christian communities in Denmark, Sallienjavi began re-branding his public image. Publicly he would portray himself as a Christian, an identity he would emphasize in the few interactions he has had with the press.

And despite Sallienjavi’s infamy, he has been able to successfully cultivate this Christian image while somehow successfully maintaining a strict policy of quasi-anonymity, going only by various aliases that are variations of his name. He goes by aliases such as, Enjavi, Simon Enjavi, Simon Sally, Simon Sally Enjavi, Simon Sallyenjavi, Mighty Sally Vin, Sally Vin Ejad, or Dr. S. Enjavi.

Using his interchanging aliases to further reinforce the idea that he is a Christian, as far back as 2015, Sallienjavi had started to also portray himself as a die-hard Donald Trump supporter. And staying true to his trademark bizarreness, to further distance himself from any public association with satanism and bolster this fake public persona, Sallienjavi made this bizarre declaration: “I just need to make it clear that I am in no way involved or connected with the following: Polish human trafficking, Mexican drug trade, Russian hackers, Turkish ISIS oil trade, Israeli illegal settlements, Italian mafia, British KKK, German Nazism, and Hillary Clinton!"

While Sallienjavi has continued to foster this public persona, his satanic cult has continued to grow. And like all cults, its inner mechanism for maintaining strict control over its members have taken a dark turn for the dangerous. Take the case of one Anna Smolar. She found her life in danger after she had refused to let Sallienjavi drink her blood as part of a satanic ritual. After several death threats, she went into hiding for a few years and later emerged at an island in the Baltic sea called Bornholm, where she maintained a low profile. However, for the past few weeks, no one has seen, or heard from Smolar.

Smolar’s disappearance is one among many of the strange incidences involving people associated with Sallienjavis’ satanic cult; a cult that is feared almost pathologically by those who have ran into it. For example, a popular mainstream Polish news outlet that was investigating BiChip and Sallienjavi’s cult, abruptly stopped its investigation and refused to pursue the matter further or share any of the information it had acquired. A journalist with this outlet completely refused to tell us why they had stopped, and the fear that this journalist had while frantically informing us that their investigation had to stop, was palpable.

BiChip and BiChipCoin employees taking part in a satanic ritual.

But of course, what is feared more than BiChip as a company and a cult, is Sallienjavi himself. As a serial inventor behind a number of European startups, and the one responsible for building most of Denmark’s emerging Internet-of-Things ecosystem, Sallienjavi is a work-mule polymath who claims to only need three hours of sleep a night. But despite all his achievements, Sallienjevi considers the BiChip microchip implant with its technologically-modest specs, to be his crowning achievement.

BiChip claims their chip is the first and only distance readable human microchip implant that has internet connectivity. In addition to the typical identification functionality of microchip implants, the chip will also serve as a cryptocurrency wallet, store medical data, driver’s licenses, passports, and according to Sallienjavi himself, thanks to an invention of his, it also has bioemetric components that can identify genetic markers - completely setting itself apart from all microchip implants in the market. BiChip has a contract with genetic ancestry testing company MyHeritage, where those with BiChip’s microchip implant will be referred to if they wish to take a genetic test whose results will be stored in their chips.

If the claims made by BiChip about the capabilities of their implant are indeed true, their chip will leave all other chips in the Stone Age, and make them practically redundant. These grand claims have not escaped scrutiny from the biohacking community, scrutiny which has been met with BiChip’s typical aggressive responses that range from harassment to outright threats.

For a company that behaves this aggressively towards criticism despite having no product yet, while under a bizarre cult leader, BiChip has incredible reach and influence. Some of this influence is almost impossible without the Danish government being somewhat complicit. There is no way the Danish government would not have been aware of BiChip’s overtures to other governments, including contracts, one of which is with the US Navy for a large order of microchip implants.

Security consultant Gary Retherford, who did contract work on behalf of the US government to seal the deal on microchip implant pre-sales to the US Navy, is now permanently employed by BiChip. Retherford is famous in the biohacking scene as the first person in history to have his employees microchipped back in 2006.

Two weeks from now, on November 26, at the Black Diamond building in Copenhagen, and with government officials, tech industry leaders, scientists, biohackers, transhumanist figureheads, and even satanists attending, Simon Sallienjavi will unveil BiChip’s microchip implant to this mish-mash of an audience. We would like to disclose that we also received an all-expenses paid VIP invite from BiChip that inlcuded a private event on November 27 at Kokkedal Castle, but we declined for obvious reasons.

As November 26 draws closer, one cannot help but ask; in addition to pitching his microchip implant, will Sallienjavi also pitch his actual vision in all its so-called “Mark of the Beast" bizarreness?

BiChip has been frantic about the November 26 event, making sure everything is perfect, especially after learning that Christian groups in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe plan to protest the event. 

*After this article was published, the ‘European School of Sorcery and Magical Sciences’ reached out to us, informing us that they are no longer associated with Sallienjavi, stating: “The School of Sorcery was sold in 2018, and the new management has nothing to do with Simon or the *Blue family."

*The ‘Blue family’ is Blue Holding, the parent company of BiChip which is involved in tax fraud, having moved over $600 milion dollars from Denmark to Romania.