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We made it for burn 24/7 on Christiania saturday 25. august 2018. Very positive experience reco...
A life changing teaching in 4 parts, long, but worth it all:
A very special, holy and anointed mand of God, from India. A modern edition of Sadhu Sundar Singh. ...
Sodium Chlorite and its product Chlorine Dioxide I have been seeing a lot twisted scare tactic statement of Sodium...
Only lies and deception, can't stop the truth from shining in the light. Even "Red Cross" a part of this great decept...
John Ramirez was demons worshipper who had spiritual power by demons. He was high ranking satanic priest in New York....
Ravi Zacharias explains the Trinity on a scholarly level.

På dansk På dansk tak...

Chocking MUST HEAR: The chock of psychotropics


Prophetic warning 13-okt-2013:

PRAYER ALERT! The LORD spoke to me in prayer tonight to alert the intercessors concerning an imminent threat to our electrical systems in America.

THIS IS SERIOUS! Fast and pray to stop this terrible terrorist attack on our power grids! I saw a vision of the East Coast of America completely blacked out, and with no way to restore the power. I am not sure whether it involves an EMP bombing attack or some other means of killing our electrical systems. But to me, it looked like a nuclear device was detonated in the upper atmosphere over the East Coast, in this vision, and just knocked out all the power.

Blessings, Maurice Sklar

Last interview with Ron Wyatt - amazing story of how he has found the Ark of the Covenant!

Great videos from " Abiding Life Ministries ":

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